0wn - "Zero Work Needed"

by Erik Auerswald, Martin Oehler, Klaus Knopper

What is it?

0wn is a new installer program for Knoppix, which aims to make transfer of Knoppix to harddisk or memory stick very easy, and will replace the old "knoppix-installer".

Short Description of Harddisk Installation Using 0wn

To install KNOPPIX to harddisk a linux swap partition of at least 1GB and an empty linux partition formatted with an ext3 file system of at least 13GB is needed. These partitions can be created using 0wn if necessary, using one of three options.

If suitable partitions exist resp. have been created, one of the possible partitions has to be chosen for installation. KNOPPIX will be installed to this partition.

After copying KNOPPIX to hard disk a GRUB bootloader can be installed. An existing bootloader will be overwritten.
If the bootloader is installed, only the KNOPPIX installation can be booted. Booting other installed operating systems or adding KNOPPIX to an existing bootloader is not implemented.
To boot the installed KNOPPIX the following kernel can be added to an existing bootloader manually:
PARTITION/boot/vmlinuz root=PARTITION lang=de apm=power-off vga=791 nomce loglevel=0 quiet

If an existing bootloader has been overwritten by accident, the GRUB command line can be used to boot an installed operating system. See the online documentation of GRUB for information about booting. A new bootloader can be installed from that operating system.

Development uses SourceForge®

0wn development uses SourceForge®. Go to its project summary page for additional info.